Empowering Youth Through Experiential Education and Recreation

The Whitin Community Center works in partnership with our community to offer a free Youth Outreach Program to children ages 5–17. The program strives to inspire youth by establishing a true commitment to character, positive attitude, and a sense of purpose through 5 primary ideals: Education, Personal Well-being, Recreation, Creativity, and Meaningful Relationships.

The goals of the Youth Outreach Program are to encourage children to develop friendships, to build self–worth, and to develop a sense of fair play, team spirit, and cooperation in a safe, supervised environment.

“The WCC Rockdale Youth Center is a valuable partner in the community, with the Northbridge Police Department, in helping to reduce juvenile crime and improve the quality of life for our citizens. Beyond mere data, the WCC Rockdale Youth Center provides a service that cannot be quantified by statistics in that it helps to guide and direct young people into making the proper choices about their lives.”

Chief Walter Warchol, Northbridge Police Department

To participate in any of these 4 free programs, please complete the form located below.

For more information, please contact:

Monique Boucher-Adams
Outreach Director
508.234.8184 ext. 121


Jennifer Castro
Assistant Outreach Director
508.234.8184 ext. 128