Welcome to Camp Whitin!

Welcome campers! For over 25 years, Camp Whitin has prided itself on providing fun, youth-oriented summer camps for children between the ages of 4-15 throughout the Blackstone Valley. Whether it is an activity, educational or sport camp, half-day or full day, every camper will enjoy an experience full of fun, fitness, and friendships! We believe Camp Whitin distinguishes itself from other area camps in the quality of programming, the experience and enthusiasm of the counselors, and the wide variety of choices we offer. You will find classic camps like 5-D Dodgeball and Design, Build & Destroy, as well as new camps like this summer’s Science Magic, CSI: Forensics, Counselor’s In Training (CIT), and Camp Whitin Cadets. Our gigantic slip ‘n slide and FREE pizza Friday will return again this year!

But what makes Camp Whitin really great is YOU! Every summer we have the pleasure of hosting upwards of 400 campers who become part of the Whitin Community Center family. We are proud to have made a positive impact on thousands of local youth and love to hear stories of campers’ favorite camp memories. Whether you have been coming to Camp Whitin for years or this is your first summer joining us, we welcome you. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Camp Whitin Schedule

Camp Whitin Goals

To honor WCC Camp Whitin traditions of the past as well as create new ones.

To provide a variety of programs that will interest campers ages 4-15.

To offer a positive, fun and safe social recreational experience for a wide range of youth under the supervision of qualified staff.

To maintain a cooperative atmosphere based on teamwork and values, fostering self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fun, Fitness & Friendships!

Why Choose Camp Whitin?

Nine weeks of different camps

Over 25 years of experience

Camp coordinators are local teachers & administrators

FREE Pizza Fridays

75' Waterslide

5:1 ratio for Mini Camps

10:1 ratio for Full Day Camps

Mini Camps (Ages 4-6)

Camp Whitin Mini Half-Day & Full Day camps are co-ed camps for children ages 4-6 where children can play sports or do various activities. All Mini camps have a camper/counselor ratio of 5:1 as required by the Northbridge Board of Health. Half-day camps are held from 9:00am-11:30am, Monday-Friday. Full Day camps are held from 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday. Depending on the camp and/or weather, children can be in our gymnasium, our activity room, outdoors using our picnic pavilion or just enjoying the open area in Whitin Park. There is no extended camp care or swim available for Mini camps.

Mini Camps

Full Day Camps (Ages 7-13)

Camp Whitin full day camps are co-ed camps for children ages 7-13 where children can play sports or participate in activities both fun and educational. All full day camps have a camper/counselor ratio of 10:1 as required by the Northbridge Board of Health. Full day camps are held from 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday. We offer extended care before and after camp for an additional fee. Depending upon the camp and/or weather, children can be in our gymnasium, our activity rooms, outside using our picnic pavilion or just enjoying the open area in our Whitin Park. Full Day campers also have the opportunity to swim in our Competition Pool daily during morning open recreation.

Activity Camps
Sports Camps

Counselors In Training (CIT) (Ages 14 & 15)

The Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is for the teen who truly wants to be an effective part of a working team and leadership community. They will spend the week learning about the community center, get First Aid and CPR certified, and learn what it takes to be a Camp Whitin Camp Counselor. 

CIT is full of activities that help the individual explore their own leadership style, develop skills for leading small and large groups, and increase their capacity to lead at camp and at home. CITs are evaluated throughout their experience so they can grow, learn, and explore. It is important that everyone is encouraged to grow their capacity to lead based on their own talents and desires. 

Based on their engagement and demonstration of positive role-modeling, core values, and performance, CITs will be invited to attend their selected 1 week of camp in various roles: 

assisting Camp Counselors, guiding campers in activities, and providing a positive experience for all campers.

Counselors In Training

Extended Care (Ages 7-13) For Full Day Camps ONLY

Extended Care is an addition to the FULL DAY Camp (Ages 7-13) and provides before and after camp care. Located in the Conference Room, drop off is available beginning at 6:30am, and the camper(s) can remain in this program until 6:00pm. Extended Care is NOT part of the camp day with regards to organized games and activities. Staff will be on site to monitor campers until they are picked up, however, be advised this is a camper driven program. Campers will have the choice of playing board games and card games, reading a book, watching a PG movie or just relaxing with friends before or after camp. Staff will provide a safe, positive environment for your child and are always eager to join in a game but they will not be organizing a group activity. Campers staying after camp will also have the option of Open Recreation gym time on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Staff will bring campers to and from the gym and supervise them while they play.

Extended Care is for the full week for both morning and afternoon sessions and cannot be broken down by day or specific mornings or afternoons. Campers MUST be pre-registered for this program. Please be advised every non-registered camper that is picked up after 3:15pm will be taken to the Conference Room and a fee of $15 will be charged for late pickup. All sign outs will be conducted in the Conference Room.

Extended Care

For More Information Please Contact

Erik Consigli 
Co-Camp Whitin Director
508.234.8184 ext 126

Michelle Benoit
Co-Camp Whitin Director
508.234.8184 ext 104